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Southern Norway Nickel

The Southern Norway Nickel project consists of three project areas Flåt, Bamble, and Brattasen. The projects contain ortho-magmatic Ni-Cu-Co targets and have received little modern exploration.

The projects were formed on the mid-Proterozoic North Atlantic Shield at a similar time as Voisey’s Bay in Labrador. The mineralization on EMX’s project has analogous geology, system style, age, and endowments as Voisey’s Bay. These projects were priority targets of Blackstone Ventures, a joint venture between Sulfidemalm A/S and Falconbridge, in the late 2000’s. Blackstone received promising results and had further exploration plans that were cut short when the company ceased exploration due to the global financial crisis.

The Flåt mine was mined from 1872 – 1946 and at one point was one of Europe’s largest mines with historical production of 2.6 Mt @ 0.75% Ni, 0.47% Cu, 0.06% Co*. The Flåt deposit is hosted in plagioclase–rich diorite and hosts both disseminated mineralization and massive sulfide mineralization.

EMX believes that the historic mining and exploration have not adequately tested the deposits extensions and that greenfield potential remains at prospects east of the historic Flåt mine.

NOTE: Historic production values quoted above are from NGU, from (Ore Database, 2013). EMX has not performed sufficient work to verify the published data reported above, but EMX believes this information is considered reliable and relevant.

*Source: Haral, 1947. Flat Nickel Mine; Norwegian Geologic Survey; Journal Article. NGU. .Main?p_objid=5253&p_spraak=N

Note: The nearby mines provide geologic context for EMX’s Project, but this is not necessarily indicative that the Project hosts similar tonnages or grades of mineralization.



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