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EMX’s Koberg and Långban projects are located in the historic Bergslagen district approximately 200 km west of Stockholm. The Bergslagen district is one of Europe’s oldest mining districts with millennia of mining history (e.g., Garpenberg and Falun).

The projects are within Svecofennian (1.9-1.8 Ga) metavolcanic and metasedimentary sequences and are the same host rocks as the Garpenberg (Boliden) and Zinkgruvan (Lundin) mines. There are also younger granitic rocks and local mafic/ultramafic intrusive rocks (1.8 – 1.77 Ga). Carbonate rocks contain massive base metal sulfide mineralization and are associated with skarns and are typically along bedding horizons.

At Koberg, late 1970’s exploration for lead-zinc-tungsten focused on the southeastern end of the license area. Other data include gravity, magnetics, and local IP and VLF. Limited diamond drilling was also conducted that focused on IP targets that were explained by features encountered before bedrock was intercepted. Some drilling also occurred in the late 1990’s for lead-zinc. Targets at Koberg focus on the projection of exposed, mineralized carbonate units.

Långban is a historic mining center (1711-1972) focused on iron and manganese. Recent exploration includes 1990’s drilling by NGU and drilling by Wiking Minerals and Drake Resources in the 2000’s.

Note: The nearby mines and deposits in the region provide context for EMX’s Project, but this is not necessarily indicative that the Project hosts similar mineralization.


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