Revelo Resources Corp

In March 2020 EMX purchased a suite of net smelter returns (“NSR”) royalty interests covering 18 properties in Chile from Revelo Resources Corp. (see Company news release dated March 20, 2020). 

The 18 properties in EMX’s Royalty Portfolio consist of porphyry copper, IOCG (iron oxide copper-gold)/manto, and epithermal gold-silver projects. The properties occur in northern Chile’s highly productive Coastal (i.e., Amancaya and Manto Verde), Paleocene (i.e., El Penon and Spence) and Domeyko (i.e., Escondida, Chuquicamata, and El Albra) metallogenic belts. The prospective geology and diversity of metals covered by the Royalty Portfolio provide EMX with significant discovery and commodity optionality. Nine properties are controlled by third parties and nine properties are controlled by Revelo, as listed in the table below (NSR royalty interest applies to all metals, except as noted):


Project Name





NSR Royalty


Project Owner
San Guillermo12,000Au-Ag0.5%Austral Gold Ltd


Austral Gold Ltd
Limbo5,600Au-Ag1.0%Austral Gold Ltd
Magallanes1,000Au-Ag1.0%Austral Gold Ltd
Victoria Norte38,400Au-Ag / Cu-Mo2.0%Hochschild Mining PLC

Kolla Kananchiari

3,900Au-Cu-Ag1.0%/0.5% *Masglas America Corp
San Valentino1,100Cu-Au-Mo1.0%Atacama Copper Exploration
T41,900Cu-Au1.5%Atacama Copper Exploration
Las Animas3,900Cu-Au1.5%Atacama Copper Exploration
Victoria Sur6,600Au-Ag-Cu1.0%Revelo Resources
Arrieros14,000Cu-Mo-Au1.0%Revelo Resources
Redondo-Veronica5,000Cu-Mo1.0%Revelo Resources
Block-23,300Cu-Mo1.0%Revelo Resources
Block-310,000Cu-Mo1.0%Revelo Resources
Block-44,200Cu-Mo1.0%Revelo Resources
Cerro Blanco6,500Cu-Mo-Au1.0%Revelo Resources
Cerro Buenos Aires7,700Cu-Mo-Au-Ag1.0%Revelo Resources
Morros Blancos7,900Cu-Au-Mo1.0%Revelo Resources
* 1% NSR precious metals, 0.5% NSR base metals


The purchase of the Royalty Portfolio from Revelo is an example of EMX’s successful execution of its royalty acquisition business strategy, which complements the Company’s royalty generation and strategic investment initiatives. 


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