EMX’s Gold Line projects are located within the Northern Sweden’s “Gold Line” trend and the Skellefteå volcanogenic massive sulfide (VMS) belt.  These projects are believed to be intrusion related gold systems (IRGS) or gold-rich VMS. The Gold Line projects consist of the Storjuktan (1-5), Blåbärliden, Paubäcken Norra, Paubäcken, Rötjärnen, and Kankberg Norra project areas. All of EMX’s Gold Line properties are available for partnership.

Gold metallogeny in the region is associated with Svecofennian age (1.8-1.9 Ga) volcanic, sedimentary and granitoid rock suites. The mineralization has been classified as orogenic/lode gold, intrusion-related gold, and gold-rich VMS deposits. EMX has focused on these prospective areas based upon the occurrence of gold in boulders, outcrop, and/or historic drilling, as well as geophysical signatures suggesting favorable geologic settings for gold mineralization.

The Gold Line trend and Skellefteå VMS belt include the active Svartliden, Kankberg, Björkdal mines, as well as advanced projects such as Barsele, Fäbodliden and Fäboliden. These gold deposits have only been recognized relatively recently, with many occurrences in the region having limited, shallow historic drilling and mineralization that remains poorly constrained and open for expansion. EMX believes that there is strong upside potential for further discoveries, especially with the application of refined exploration models for intrusion-related and orogenic/lode gold targets.

Note: The nearby mines and deposits in the region provide context for EMX’s Projects, but this is not necessarily indicative that the Projects host similar mineralization.


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Sheeted quartz-arsenopyrite veins with biotite/chlorite alteration envelopes along vein margins from the Storjuktan-1 Project Click to Enlarge