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Red Top, Arizona

Red Top is a porphyry copper project in the Superior District of central Arizona and is available for partnership. EMX has recognized an extensive zone of intense alteration, ferricretes, and gossan developed eight kilometers north-northwest of the Resolution deposit. Porphyry alteration is exposed across a broad area, with locally intense alteration associated with anomalous base metal and molybdenum mineralization. Nearby, post-mineral units are tilted ~30-450 to the east, indicating an underlying porphyry system is also likely tilted, with the mineralized portion of the system concealed beneath less-altered rock on the surface. The target is a plunging porphyry copper system concealed beneath weakly altered wall rock on EMX’s property.

Note: The nearby mines and deposits in the region provide context for EMX’s Project, which occurs in a similar geologic setting, but this is not necessarily indicative that the project hosts similar mineralization.


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Sericitically altered schist cross cut by oxidized quartz-sulfide veins. Oxidized vein surfaces contain anomalous Cu, Mo, Pb, Zn. Commonly, vein densities are 1-5 vol% and locally> 10vol%. Click to Enlarge

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