Antelope, Nevada

The Antelope Project is a district scale property position with nearby, historic Carlin-style Au production from Illipah and the Alligator / Yankee Mines (30 Km).  There is a 10 Km strike length of jasperoid and decalcification throughout the Mississippian stratigraphy (Chainman, Joanna, Pilot).  Alteration is most intense at the intersection of NE-oriented feeder structures with favorable stratigraphy.  EMX has several drill ready targets focused along the Illipah Anticline.  These are near-surface, oxide and high-grade targets in multiple Mississippian carbonate units.  The next steps are mapping (for precise targeting) and drill permitting. 

There are three main targets on the Antelope property. Primarily, surface oxide locations where NE-oriented normal faults down-drop the core of the Illipah anticline to the north onto the property, preserving favorable stratigraphy along the Chainman-Joanna contact in the core of the anticline at potentially shallow levels. Beyond those, highly prospective stratigraphy (Pilot-Guilmette contact) in the core of the Illipah anticline and property-wide intersections between favorable stratigraphy and NE-oriented feeders are important. Finally, the down-dip extension of Illipah mineralization within the Antelope project: additional targets include anticline-syncline sequences likely in the southern area of the project and in areas throughout the Diamond Peak observed to have intense decalcification.  The Antelope Project is available for partnership.

Note: The nearby mines provide geologic context for EMX’s Project, but this is not necessarily indicative that the Project hosts similar tonnages or grades of mineralization.



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