Turkey’s mineral deposit setting is dominated by continuation of the Tethyan metallogenic belt from Eastern Europe into Asia Minor, and is characterized by a number of recent epithermal gold, gold-silver and porphyry copper deposit discoveries. As well, the country is noted for its favorable mining law that allows 100% foreign ownership. A prospective geologic environment, coupled with a favorable business climate, makes Turkey a premier destination for exploration discovery and mine development.

EMX’s development of a property portfolio in Turkey resulted from recognition of its exploration potential, and “early-mover” execution of the prospect generation business model starting in 2003. The properties were acquired at minimal cost through the application of in-region geologic knowledge, and value was built over time with partner-funded exploration work. Five of the seven projects in Turkey are being advanced by partner companies. The Company looks forward to working with its partners as they continue to advance this diversified portfolio of copper, gold, gold-silver and polymetallic assets.